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Nowadays, the operation of any modern hardware requires the use of specialised software to control and evaluate the results obtained.

With our user-friendly and modular control software, we ensure that your CT image information can be optimally utilised without restricting the choice of subsequent analysis software. The image information is output in such a way that it can be seamlessly interpreted and further processed by a wide range of analysis software.

We are happy to recommend the right software solution based on your individual requirements.

Computer screen with ct scans displayed.

Create, Compile, Analyse

We know that it’s not only the CT-Hardware that counts, which is why we place so much emphasis on the software that will help you to create images, compile them, analyse the testing results and create visualisations with the images that have been captured.

Software Developed by ProCon X-Ray

All our hardware devices come with our meticulously crafted, in-house developed software for optimal performance. Our expert team ensures the seamless installation of this software during the setup and configuration of the system at your premises.

The perfect match

The Right Software for your ProCon Device

Usually, our clients commit to one software package that they use in addition to XTom for image editing and analysis. We only use and recommend software that we know well, and that we work with ourselves.

Because this is a rather substantial investment, we always aim to understand your goals for end-use application so that we can advise you on the best software programme to suit your requirements.

We put together a software solution for you consisting of the recording software, the reconstruction software and the evaluation/visualisation software.

Built to suit your Requirements

Software Customisation

Like our hardware, our software is customisable as well.

We can add and create features based on your requirements, and can also keep adding features to your operating system package even after you have started working with the software.

See more. Deeply.

Improve your Workflow

We offer training in our in-house XTom recording software to help you integrate new programmes into your existing processes.

The software programmes we recommend help to improve the accuracy and speed of Image processing, so that your workflow speed is increased, and you are able to derive even more benefit from the images captured by your device.

With our complete solution comprised of hardware and software, you have the ability to see more, deeply.

Software usage rights


The following applies to your XTom licences: You can use the software for an unlimited period of time without having to update it. Software updates are optional and are only required if you require additional functions that were added after purchasing your software package.

Our software licenses do not expire. The software is purchased once and can continue to be run on the workstation for as long as the device is in operation. There is no ongoing payment in order to continue the use of the software.

Long-Term thinking

Updates and Maintenance

You can run the software for as long as you need it and it will continue to run without needing to be updated. A software update is completely voluntary, and is only necessary if you decide you would like extra features that have been added by ProCon after your software package was purchased.

Software updates are done by our team remotely, so that there is minimal downtime for your team.
These software updates are cost-effective, and are not meant to be an extra cost liability.

CT Systems

Our range of CT Scanning Devices

We offer a wide range of CT scanning devices and microscopes. Each of our offerings can be customized to suit your requirements.

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CT Systems

A benchtop ct scanning device by ProCon X-Ray

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