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ProCon X‑Ray GmbH has been developing X‑ray inspection equipment for industrial applications and university research purposes since January 2004. Our Systems come with high resolution Focus X‑ray technology and are based on our years of experience in developing solutions on a high quality level to meet the customer's requirements.

Highly Efficient

With our systems, we place great value in user-friendly operability. Thus, we obtain a highly efficient implementation of our CT-Systems in our customers workflow and a very short time for incorporation.

Our clients are the main partners when it comes to develop and design new Solutions for new applications. All our systems can be customised for special needs and applications


Our team of experts – which includes a large network of partners worldwide – boasts a broad variety of experience and expertise. Each member of our team has a different speciality and unique skillset that allow us to understand problems from different perspectives. This grants us the ability to approach situations from different vantage points and gives us maximum flexibility when creating solutions.

CT Systems

Our range of CT Scanning Devices

We offer a wide range of CT scanning devices and microscopes. Each of our offerings can be customized to suit your requirements.

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CT Systems

A benchtop ct scanning device by ProCon X-Ray

Working with companies to explore the future

We count the following companies among our successful partnerships.
Together with you, we look forward to working on further projects that explore new capabilities in the field.
This is your invitation to expose the unexpected with us.

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