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The CT-PORTABLE is specially developed for portable testing small samples made of weakly absorbent materials. The low weight and small size gives the posibility to take it with you in a transportation case. Even if it's small if gives full CT functionality including helix scans.

  • Smallest full CT on the market
  • Isotropic resolution in all layers
  • Advanced helix trajectories
  • Large windows for demonstrations
  • Ergonomic design, easy to handle
  • Compact and light design for easy transport
  • Fully shielded system

A portable, easy-to-handle CT system

Recently, computed tomography (CT) became more and more important as a non-destructive inspection method for the industry. CT provides a fast visualization of a three-dimensional volume model of the outer and inner structure of an object that can be interpreted even by laymen. However, up to now; the acquisition costs and the relatively complicated operation often prevented a widespread adoption of computed tomography systems.

In order to approach these problems the Fraunhofer Development Center X‑Ray Technology EZRT developed CT-PORTABLE, a mobile, compact benchtop system for the inspection of small objects made of plastics, textiles, ceramics, light metal, biological materials and the like.

The smallest mobile CT system in the world

With its dimensions of approx. 350 x 300 x 230 mm (l x w x h) the space requirement of the CT system is minimal, moreover the low weight of approx. 20 kg ensures maximum mobility. Thus the CT-PORTABLE is the smallest and lightest CT system in its market segment at present. These features enable the user to apply the system flexibly at any location without the necessity of transporting the samples or components to a laboratory.


X-Ray Source

Maximum output

50 kV
50 W


Pixel size
Smallest 3D Detail Voxel

1 MP
48 µm
< 18 µm



45 mm
65 mm
250 g


System weight

350 x 300 mm
230 mm
20 kg

Application fields

CT-PORTABLE is especially suitable for demonstration purposes as well as for mobile services or an application in arbitrary laboratories. The CT system can not only be utilized by universities or research institutions in the fields of e.g. biology, geology and archaeology, but also by the industry, especially for the nondestructive testing for quality assurance in the areas of electrics, plastics, textiles and ceramics. The range of applications also includes rapid prototyping.

Operating & Imaging Software

Hardware and Software Made for each other

The best hardware needs a great software program to run it and to help you get the best results out of your investment.

We create our own software, as well as recommend software from third parties based on your specific use case.

Learn more about software for your CT system here


Computer screen with ct scans displayed.

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